High-quality, proprietary wholesale investment opportunities, purpose built for HNW investors, family offices and boutique institutions.

Parc Capital Investments

Our investors’ collective experience and business acumen strengthens our investment process and increases positive outcomes from our investments.

Welcome to Parc Capital Investments

At Parc Capital, you have the power to control your investment decisions. Parc opens the doors to a proprietary suite of exclusive, wholesale investments. Our customised funds and syndicated co-investment approach is purpose built for HNW investors, family offices and boutique institutions, giving you choice in, and control of, your investment decisions.

When you choose Parc, you access owner-operator expertise with strong business and investment acumen. Our proficiency in technology enablement and business transformational strategy will give you confidence in your investments, with the knowledge that Parc is actively working with our investee companies to drive their decisions and performance to commercial success.

Parc principals lead with their own personal capital in our funds and our investee companies, ensuring that our interests are aligned with those of our investors.

Welcome to Parc’s 'Investor Community’

Where the investments you choose carry the power of shared assessment, knowledge and experience across all our investors. This approach enhances your own assessment, leading to more informed investment decisions and increased prospects for profitable outcomes.

Our ‘Investment Club’ approach brings together experienced, business savvy investment professionals, creating a ‘community’ of shared value. Many investors are former business owners, professional business leaders and/or family-office investors from across Australia.

Parc Capital is an active, full-service asset manager. We provide proprietary, dynamic investment solutions to investors across a range of capabilities, including: equities, venture capital, syndicated co-investment, private debt and multi-asset fund solutions.


Curated, unique proprietary investment opportunities