Private businesses are built on the back of great vision and hard work.


We know what it’s like to be in your shoes

We help maximise the commercial value of your business, by applying our proven expertise and insights in building businesses.

Owner Operator Stewardship

Our Advisory and M&A capabilities are underpinned by strong owner-operator expertise across a range of sectors. Our advice covers strategic and financial issues, including M&A, divestments, debt and equity financing, capital management, restructuring and negotiations.

We save you time and distraction from your business priorities by offering external capital.

Partnership Equity over Private Equity

Many business owners are not ready to cede control in order to grow. Our key point of difference is our commitment to support quality leaders with partnership and a hands-on approach to relationship execution. Our success stems from seeing the opportunity in context, navigating challenges, providing access to capital and building technology-based enduring businesses.

Entrepreneurs in Action

Our capital is sourced from experienced private investors, many of whom are former business owners and corporate leaders. They understand the elements of a good investment. A number of our investors share their time and experience with investee companies, adding to the influence, stewardship and impact to your business.