Building partnerships with investee founders and management teams to realise the full value of their opportunity.

About Us

Investors in privately-owned, emerging growth businesses

Parc Capital invests in emerging growth businesses with backable founders. We seek innovative companies, who continually challenge traditional business approaches to improve competitive value, client experience and market share in their respective sectors.

As entrepreneurs and business founders ourselves, we bring a wealth of experience, understanding and track record across a range of digital native industries together with our capital.

We invest in emerging growth stage and venture capital stage businesses:

Emerging Growth stage business

We specialise in "emerging" growth stage businesses, with between $1 million and $50+ million in revenue. We support post-profit businesses by assisting them build scale and value, frequently through M&A led activities. 

Venture Capital stage business

We seek post revenue businesses, with proven market momentum, accelerating towards profitability. Our advice, capital and networks materially enhance the business prospects. Many of these companies will mature to become successful 'Emerging Growth' businesses, which Parc will continue to back.


We typically invest in businesses that align with the following criteria:

Backable Founders

Revenue Of $1-50m

Equity capital requirement of $0.5 – 20m

Established and scalable business models

Attractive industry tailwinds and dynamics

Headquartered in australia 

Opportunities where we can add strategic value alongside capital

Strong competitive position